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Your applications have value from the very beginning to the very end. Yet at the end of one product’s life, most technology teams have turned attention to development of the next product. Then it can be hard to free up existing resources to work on new app development without compromising maintenance of existing products. We can help you with both. With proven delivery capability across the product lifecycle, we can supplement your team where you need it most – from co-ideation in the development stage to product support at the end of life.

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We develop custom software solutions and enable next-gen product development. Our delivery methodologies such as XPEED and agile enable us to deliver more quickly and efficiently. We also provide client-specific execution models. Every solution we develop benefits from our 30 years applying rigor, speed and forward thinking to architect, build and test software products.


Our DevOps center of excellence helps you with continuous integration, application monitoring, server monitoring, log monitoring, automation testing, DevOps scripting tools, source code management, cloud enablement and infrastructure automation. This approach has proven extremely effective in increasing collaboration and integration between various aspects of the delivery chain.

QA & Testing

Over two decades we have developed extensive testing capabilities for various verticals, across platforms, for functional, non-functional, mobile, cloud and performance testing. We provide multi-location and distributed testing, a QA lab and flexible test approaches. The Xoriant Test Automation Framework (XTAF) is a cost effective solution for automation of testing processes.

Professional Services

Xoriant is the best of both worlds: large enough with a proven ability to scale rapidly, but small enough with a culture of agility to service your needs every step of the way. Our professional services include pre-sales consulting, product customizations and POC development.

End-of-life Engineering

We can work with you to maintain your existing products and support them during end of life. We’ll help you extend the value of your product by supporting bug fixes, maintaining the code base, providing custom enhancements and re-engineering.

Application Security

We’ll help you identify potential vulnerabilities in your applications and safeguard critical business data. DevSecOps is baked into integration and delivery with CI/CD artifacts including security standards, library sets and templates. We reinforce security policies on the web through CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers). Security, as critical as it is, is often under-emphasized in application development. Vulnerabilities lead to security breaches and put your customers’ data - and therefore your product revenue - at risk. Learn more about our Security offerings –>

Product Support

Our product support services include L1 through L4 support services, infrastructure setup, remote installations, performance management, performance tuning, change and configuration management. We also provide technical service desk support.

Platform Integration

With a deep expertise across various technology platforms we can help you transform and integrate your platform into your client’s environment. We also help with API management, capability enhancement, service integration, infrastructure assessment and platform monitoring.

Product Engineering Tools & Accelerators

Xoriant Continuous Delivery Accelerator (XCDA)

Xoriant Test Automation Framework (XTAF)

Xoriant Application Accelerator & Enterprise Platform

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