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For enterprises, security is imperative to help proactively protect business assets and reputation while ensuring legal compliance and tackling constantly emerging new threats. For ISVs, security is an opportunity to protect user data, ensure that there are no application vulnerabilities and mitigate the loss of revenue that would come from a breach. For both enterprises and ISVs, whether your applications run in a data center or on multi-vendor public cloud platforms (or more likely, both), Xoriant is here to help. We provide vulnerability management expertise, end-to-end security advice and cloud-based software solutions for security and policy compliance assessments, real-time monitoring and rapid remediation – while keeping your business outcomes in mind.

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Advanced Threat & Vulnerability Management

Our deep next-generation technology expertise enables us to combat the toughest threats as we code security into every layer of your environment. Our product engineering pedigree gives us the rigor to build and secure scalable products.

Trusted Advisors

We work with you end-to-end to identify security problems and solve them. As trusted advisors and virtual CISOs, we go far beyond checking boxes. We assess the cost and benefit of the risks and the mitigation options to help you make the smartest decisions for your business.

Security with Business Context

Our extensive experience and technical expertise gives us a broader understanding of how security fits within business goals. We are committed to delivering value to a variety of organizations – from niche technology creators to large enterprises, cloud-based and on-premises.

Global Expertise for Today’s Global World

Our global expertise and teams around the world keep you compliant and secure as you expand. Designing security systems at the core enables us to meet global business and regulatory requirements while limiting the need for future changes.

See Our Holistic Approach to Your Security

Xoriant’s FOAM approach takes a holistic view of organizational security, ensuring that your investment in technology delivers multiple returns for your business.



Persistent scrutiny of systems and processes to improve visibility, tackle existing vulnerabilities and enable a more proactive approach to security



Constant fine-tuning of your security posture to prevent breaches and IP losses while maximizing ROI



Leveraging automation to speed up processes, reduce cost and increase efficiencies



Ensuring you are up-to-date with the latest technologies and able to combat ever-changing threats

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