Leveraging the Cloud to Make Better Use of Your Data

Of the truly massive amount of data produced every day, most is never leveraged. But if used properly, data can be a powerful source of competitive advantage. The challenge is how to store, process, manage, analyze, track and optimize that data efficiently. That’s where the cloud comes in, and where Xoriant can help. Our Cloud Data & Analytics services and solutions include data warehouse migration, hybrid data warehouse implementation and implementation of ETL for processing high-volume streaming data. We help you speed time to data value, improve cross-functional collaboration, increase data accuracy and lower cost. We help you leverage the cloud to make better use of your data assets.


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Analytics as a Platform – We have deep experience designing Analytics as a Platform architecture on AWS using services such as AWS-S3, Talend Integration Cloud, EMR, Spark, Hive, Redshift and Amazon ML as well as infrastructure services such as EC2, ECS and VPC. We design with the regulatory framework in mind, to keep you in compliance with HIPAA, PCI and the like.

Hybrid Data Warehouse Architecture – We are experienced at designing hybrid data warehouses using Azure data services such as Azure Data Management Gateway, Azure Data Factory, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hub, Azure Data Lake Store and Azure HDInsight.


Business Process Reporting – We have significant experience implementing compliance report generation solutions in multiple geographies on Azure Cloud using services such as App Service, Service Fabric, Azure DNS, Storage, SQL Server Stretch Database, DocumentDB, Azure Bot Services, Power BI and Service Bus.

Real-time Data Management & Reporting – We are experienced at designing and implementing real-time data platforms for a range of use cases, including identifying geo-political risk for third-party suppliers from different countries using real-time data feeds and events using Spark Streaming and Cassandra on AWS with EC2, S3, RDS and VPC.

Operate & Optimize

Database Optimization – We have deep experience providing SQL and NoSQL performance monitoring for disk operations, database performance optimization using database sharding and optimizing the application itself with relevant re-factoring to optimize data access.

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Reference Architectures for Hybrid Data Warehouse

Ready Adaptor Framework for Data Aggregation

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