Xoriant is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. We have been engaged in technology partnership with several clients, helping them with transformations that dynamically and securely scale on AWS. Our solutions include cloud native applications, multi-tenancy at scale, dashboards and reports, automated deployments and upgrades, and DevOps with release automation. Solutions leverage cutting edge features such as machine learning, serverless computing, auto-scaling and elastic load balancing, offering customers low TCO, horizontal scale and resiliency and operational agility. We provide Security Incident and Event Management with Network Segregation, Data Protection and Retention, Incident Detection, Access Control, and Monitoring and Alerting. Our Cloud migration solutions cover combinations of lift and shift, phased move from on-premises to AWS cloud, and entirely new on-cloud application architectures using AWS services. Our clients span industries that cover Mortgage, Healthcare, AdTech, Loyalty and Customer Engagement, FinTech, Startups and more.


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