Xoriant has participated in end-to-end software product engineering lifecycle beginning with product conception to ongoing software maintenance / sustaining, while at the same time, Xoriant teams have also assisted customers in specific tasks, as and when needed. Xoriant teams are fully conversant with the traditional SDLC (software development life cycle) approach, while many of our team members have developed expertise in the newer methods like Agile/Scrum, which are used by the web/social media oriented companies.

We offer the following Product engineering services:

Furthermore we bring expertise in the following practice areas:

 Networking and Storage Systems: Xoriant has long been associated with the networking and storage systems industry, where we have seen products evolve over time to be purely driven by software.


Today, we bring deep experience in:

  • Network/telecom protocols, File Management, and System protocols
  • Multiple OS experience
  • Network management
  • Storage

Our experience highlight includes:

  • High speed networking software using Network Processor Units (NPUs) and other Packet Processors.
  • Manual and automated test suites to perform functionality, regression and interoperability testing of storage and networking subsystems – local testing, remote testing and blended.
  • Design, development and continuous enhancements of specialized adapters to seamlessly operate storage subsystems through virtualized operating environments by Vmware, Microsoft and Citrix.
  • Design and development of network management agent software to enable monitoring and manageability inside an SNMP environment.