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People today expect access to every aspect of their lives, personal and professional, via an app. The lines between financial services providers and technology providers have blurred. Your customers – and employees – expect you to deliver financial services enabled by technology. Your ability to deliver that access and seamless experience, whether by modernizing existing applications and/or developing new ones, will be essential to your future success. At the same time, app modernization can enable tremendous efficiencies that drive right to the bottom line.

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Whether your user is a human being or another application, the experience must be seamless, intuitive and consistent across platforms and devices. Furthermore, your app should act like a platform, open to new interfaces, without requiring re-architecting every time. That’s where Xoriant comes in, with expertise designing and developing web-based and native experiences that scale seamlessly across devices of different sizes, operating systems and capabilities.

Architecture Transformation

In most organizations, architectures are half-ready for modernization. Some still rely on traditional client-server architectures with dependence on relational databases, not suited to the kinds of data that you gather today, or to modern microservices and reactive architectures or polyglot persistence based data platforms. Transformation requires migrating business logic still stored in the data layer to the middle layer to suit those modern architectures.


Modern app development is agile development. But the only way to ensure CI/CD and QA don’t become all-consuming is to automate many of their functions. Automation also applies to microservices and container deployment and management – fast becoming a pre-requisite for modern apps.

Analytics Enablement

Analytics – machine learning, predictive analytics, business visualization – is second only to cloud as the defining features of modern applications. Analytics is power. It offers the opportunity to gather and analyze large amounts of data in order to uncover insights that help you stay agile and competitive. It enables you to realize additional value through continuous learning as well as automation and business optimization. With a range of analytics offerings, from big data and cognitive computing to BI and visualization, we can both nimbly execute prototypes and scale the solutions that work – to get you to value faster.


The world runs on APIs, which enable your applications to exist within a broader ecosystem. APIs help developers keep the codebase clean, and they also reduce overhead and enable you to monetize business logic directly. Yet API management is a constantly evolving endeavor and keeping up with the growing number of tools can be difficult. That’s where Xoriant comes in, helping you to identify and then implement and maintain the best fit APIs and API management tools.

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