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Stay the Course for Digital Transformation With the Right Infrastructure

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Disruptions of every kind are challenging companies to maintain their focus on transforming IT infrastructure. To overcome these obstacles, expertise, talent and experience need to come together as you proceed on your transformation journey. Whether you choose to add one or multiple cloud platforms, efficiency, agility, and data dependency require an IT infrastructure that keeps pace with state-of-the-art digital innovations, while interoperating with your legacy systems to achieve cost optimization and continuity. 

As your technology partner, Xoriant can build PoCs, reference designs, and performance benchmarks. We’ll ensure efficient provisioning of LAN, WAN, vCenters, storage, and applications; build monitoring and management consoles; and provide application deployment and customization capabilities. We understand the importance of meeting our SLAs and the need to build financial models to report on, measure, and maximize your ROI.

Auditing, Solutioning and Analyzing

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and Tools

Today’s IT infrastructure typically supports a maze of complex systems from multiple vendors. To operate efficiently, you need to radically simplify the way stakeholders extract value from your data center, from the cloud, and at the edge. Xoriant can help you assess, migrate, modernize, and fine-tune your workloads for optimal flow and process design.

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and Accelerators

Xoriant lifecycle experts consolidate your IT needs into a comprehensive solution that spans on-prem, cloud, and the edge. We offer network management solutions, including cloud and infrastructure sizing, provisioning and management, containerization, and virtualization. We employ leading-edge, proprietary tools and methodologies to enable fast, informed decision-making.

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AI/ML for IT
Infrastructure Management

Xoriant brings the power of human and IT intelligence to your business operations. We leverage AI to provide innovative predictive and prescriptive analytics for modeling, provisioning, and up-to-the-minute dashboards. When your data and processes are enhanced with business intelligence, stakeholders can access meaningful reporting and actionable analysis quickly, with confidence.

Connect With Us to Learn More
Connect With Us to Learn More
Gargi Singh
Gargi Singh
Delivery Director
Product Engineering Services

"For decades, Xoriant has partnered with high-tech clients on their journey to digital transformation and modernization. We have contributed to Product Development and Engineering across Storage / Hyper-Converged / Virtualization / Cloud / IoT tech stack. Our engineering frameworks have helped hi-tech companies reduce their time-to-market considerably."

IT Infrastructure Management Insights

IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

Agile and secure IT infrastructures can be built with modern methodologies like DevOps and digital diversity management – the process of optimizing how digital assets are used in today’s digital enterprise. Propelled by hyper-automation, these trends will boost profits - without increasing IT/admin headcount over next 5 years.

Partner with experts for unparalleled proficiency with technology tools.

Cyber Security Talent Drought?

Cyber Security

Top vendor relationships will support mission-critical security services like: Managed Security, Risk Management and Infrastructure; SIEM, log analysis, Identity Management, SSO, DB security; and Security Consulting (which includes full-service Managed Security Services and SOC).

Manual security management isn’t feasible for large infrastructures.

Cloud Configuration and Migration

Cloud Configuration and Migration

Cloud infrastructure with SLA-driven management and cost savings is the new hosting model. Take a holistic, team-based approach to review your cloud adoption strategy. Then build a roadmap with specific goals and objectives to help you realize your strategy.

How to achieve optimal cloud access and cost reduction?

Diagnose Early, Resolve Quickly

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Improve and extend infrastructure support for managed data centers with Infrastructure Operations Management. Achieve new levels of efficiency and resiliency. Reduce monitoring time and resolve complex problems quickly, so your teams can focus on what matters.

Test new technologies, find efficiencies and augment your ecosystems.

Learn About Xoriant Frameworks for Enterprise IT
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