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There are two key facts about Xoriant that we’re most proud of: First, more than half of our clients have been with us for five years or longer. That’s a significant feat in the fast-paced technology world in which companies live and die in half that time. Second, the average tenure of a Xoriant employee is five years, significantly longer than most firms. Those numbers are a reflection of our deep commitment to our clients – and our equally deep commitment to you. The result is a work environment you’ll find welcoming and engaging and work that is exciting and meaningful.

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Take the freedom to experiment, learn and grow with like-minded innovators


Get training on a range of topics to grow as a manager or a technologist


Enjoy collaboration and community, both work-related and social

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What’s It Like to Work At Xoriant? Find Out From Your Future Colleagues

Life At Xoriant


Benefits and compensation include health insurance for employees, competitive salaries and flexible work schedules


Xoriant grows when you grow. So we give you lots of opportunities to do just that – as a technologist and/or a manager


Xoriant is an environment of collaboration and community. We have regular opportunities for employees to come together and enjoy each other’s company

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#BelongAgain Alumni Program

Once you #BelongAtXoriant, you belong to a technology-driven culture, innovative people practices and an empowering environment.

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If you are a former Xoriant employee, apply to any of the positions listed on our career site by selecting the option "Yes" against "Former Xorianter" field. Join Xoriant to #BelongAgain

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