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Compliance Requirements: No Longer Limited to Highly Regulated Industries

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Cyberattacks continue to evolve in scope and scale. In the interest of protecting consumer data, lawmakers are enacting legislation to provide extra protection to keep consumers’ personal information private.

Using the data collected from electronic devices, digital forensic investigators can prevent hackers and other cybercriminals from compromising an organization’s digital infrastructure. They can also assist in recovering lost or stolen data, discover and track the attack source, and help create a detailed investigative report to help remedy the crime and punish the criminal.

Our Digital Forensics and Compliance Services

 Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics includes the identification, recovery, investigation, validation, and presentation of evidence found on computers or similar digital storage mediums. Forensics best practices are essential to maintain a chain of custody throughout the acquisition and analysis of data from digital sources such as hard disks, mobile phones, cloud storage, email backups and volatile memory.

Scope of Services:

  • Computer Forensics - Complete imaging/cloning and analysis of Windows and Macintosh-based operating systems
  • Mobile Device Forensics - Recovery of deleted/lost data from mobile devices
  • Email Forensics - Analysis of phishing emails from offline and online mediums; deleted email searches
  • Cloud Forensics - Collecting data from various cloud platforms for analysis, including the recovery of WhatsApp deleted messages
  • Network Forensics - Analysis of network traffic and logs to detect activities performed over the network
  • Memory Forensics - Capturing registry details and providing timeline analysis


Today's organizations face unprecedented challenges in managing risks and complying with laws, regulations, and internal policies in a cost-effective manner. By some estimates, U.S. companies spend more than $1 trillion dollars annually on risk management. Yet, the cost of non-compliance can be the loss of an entire business enterprise. This service performs invaluable and necessary audits and remediation based on compliance with regulations and standards such as ISO27K, ISO9000, CIS, SOX, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, etc.

Scope of Services:

  • Compliance process assessment, design, and implementation of compliance programs, including risk assessment frameworks, compliance policies and procedures, compliance-related training programs, and governance and oversight mechanisms related to compliance issue resolution
  • Compliance enforcement remediation to provide the resources and expertise needed to address a range of compliance issues quickly and effectively, including implementing corrective actions or providing remediation to impacted consumers when compliance deficiencies are noted
  • Compliance readiness to ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines including GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, PCI - QSA and FedRAMP
  • Review of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Regulatory compliance audits and reporting
  • Remediation for gaps reported in audits
Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Aniruddha Ranade
Delivery Manager

“With growing cyber threats, your organization cannot compromise on the security of its digital infrastructure. However, it is important to not only adhere to security policies and standards but to also identify the source of security incidents. Xoriant’s security services encompass design and implementation of compliance programs, including risk assessment frameworks, policies and procedures, and digital forensics as a part of the incident response protocol of your organization.”

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Digital Forensics and Compliance Services