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Deliver Omnichannel User Experiences. Grow Adoption and Market Share.

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The number and types of end-user devices – computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches -- is exploding. Among these devices, there’s a multitude of display, audio, touch capabilities, and form factors from different manufacturers. As an ISV, you must meet your customers’ rising expectations, driven in part by the familiarity with digital services provided by consumer applications such as Netflix and Amazon. You hope users will access and use your product on their favorite devices; however, adoption depends on providing an experience that is seamless, intuitive, and consistent across platforms and endpoints. Yet delivering such an experience is increasingly challenging given that new releases and interfaces come to market every day.

An exciting area here is omnichannel which has been a challenge since the rise of different mobile devices and operating systems. Today the number and types of devices and systems are even more varied, with new channels coming online every day. Xoriant stays ahead of the user experience technology curve, investing in the latest research, and next-gen technologies to help you exceed your customer expectations. Across all UX projects, we help ensure improved usability of software for better user productivity and satisfaction, higher adoption, and recommendation.

Key Components of User Experience Design

 Cross Platform Design

Cross Platform Design

From access to ease of use to performance, users expect a productive, enjoyable experience with applications across multiple channels, devices, and platforms. These early impressions and experiences can make the difference between rapid adoption and great reviews--or the opposite. Partnering with Xoriant’s UX engineering team can help you design interfaces that delight you anywhere, all the time. The radical improvements in GUIs are in large part due to Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), which provide end-users with faster, more responsive interfaces. Our GUI experts would be delighted to help you create RIAs that offers superior usability, accessibility, portability, and scalability and marry these to your existing or new products.

Emerging Interfaces

Emerging Interfaces

Your users are on the cutting edge of digital communications, leveraging voice, video, human/machine and chatbot interfaces across hundreds of digital channels. So it's critical to sustain the popularity of your products--and brand—by continuously updating and personalizing your product interfaces. Xoriant can help you unlock the potential of emerging interfaces such as Voice, Chat, VR, AR and enhance your product’s capabilities.

Data and Dashboard Visualizations

Data and Dashboard Visualizations

Data is at the heart of decision making in all areas of business and life. Data specialists struggle daily to harness the structured and unstructured data pouring into your organization--and your customers’ enterprises. But that data has no business value unless it can be viewed, managed and shared with intuitive dashboards and data visualization tools. Does your product deliver that? Learn more about this core competency.

UX Modernization

UX Modernization

The sequence for building a modern application is to define the user experience/interface first and then build the functionality within the UX framework. So effective modern UX demands a customer-first approach rather than a feature-first approach. Ensuring high-quality aesthetics and responsiveness, balance ease of use and functionality, consistent user experience across all devices are some of the key considerations of modern UX.

Connect With Us to Learn More About Our User Experience Design Projects
Connect With Us to Learn More About Our User Experience Design Projects
Ashish Ganu
Ashish Ganu
Senior Manager
UX/UI Practices

“We are excited about our current projects in omnichannel experiences. To provide today’s digital users with a seamless contextual experience across a growing number of channels is more important as ever, but more difficult than in the past. The key is to consider how your product will work not only across new tech channels like AR and VR but whether your product is flexible enough to add channels as they arise.”

User Experience Insights

The Age of Smart Assistants

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25% of employee interactions with enterprise apps will use smart assistants by 2023, up from only 3% in 2019.

Source: Gartner

Deployment of smart assistants can generate time and labor savings.

Great UX Drive Profits

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More than 86% of customers are willing to pay a premium for great service. Conversely, companies that fail to meet these expectations will lose customers to competitors who can.

Source: Customer Experience Impact Report

An enhanced user experience can pay big dividends.

User Research Tops in SDLC

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64% of respondents said that the integration of user research into the product development process is the topmost challenge for their business.

Source: Zoom User Survey

Integrate user research into product development processes this year.

Multi Experience: A New Approach

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By 2023, more than 25% of the mobile apps, progressive web apps and conversational apps at large enterprises will be built and/or run through a multi-experience development platform. Multi experience technology is a step forward in the journey of complete digital transformation.

Source: Gartner

Design and develop a seamless experience for the customers.

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