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Maximize Product Value From Ideation to End-of-Life or to Modernization and Extension

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With the right talent and technologies, your applications can provide value from inception to retirement. Yet, anticipating a product end-of-life prematurely can limit your product’s value to your customers--and your ROI. Instead of immediately turning your teams’ attention to the next development project, many tech companies are turning to software development companies such as Xoriant to help them extend the value of their mature products by supporting bug fixes, maintaining the code base, providing custom enhancements and re-engineering to modernize the capabilities and the processes for the product.

With proven, end-to-end delivery capabilities, we can supplement your team where you need it most–from co-ideation to ongoing product optimization to end-of-life extension and support. Our engineers regularly assess, update and optimize products deemed extensible, provide sustenance and end-of-life engineering services so your team can work on that new app. We help you take phased-out products to enhanced features/functions and support clients longer by partnering across the spectrum of risk-reward matrix or innovative revenue share models providing perfect elasticity with revenue.

Our Product Support, Sustenance and Lifecycle Extension Services

Lifecycle Optimization and Extension

Lifecycle Optimization
and Extension

Optimization can mean different things to different people. But for most of us, it’s a commitment to continuous improvement - from product design to processes, to asset utilization. And optimization may be necessary at any stage of your product life cycle. Xoriant is an expert at evaluating where and how to improve product designs, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies to keep the product delivering business value.

End-of-Life Engineering


Xoriant engineering team can work with you to maintain your existing products and support them during the end-of-life phase. We will help you extend the value of your product by supporting bug fixes, maintaining the code base, providing custom enhancements and re-engineering reducing the critical time of your development team from product sustenance to product innovation.

L1-L4 Product Support

L1-L4 Product

Our product support services span across various levels including L1 through L4 support, infrastructure setup, remote installations, performance management, performance tuning, change and configuration management. Additionally, we provide technical service desk support for your products.

Sustenance Engineering


For product companies with heavy reliance on post-deployment support, Xoriant builds multiple competent technical support teams. Our support team experts are trained for your different product lines before they are deployed while maintaining backup resources to handle both excess call volume and act as a cushion in case of unplanned attrition.

Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Sandeep Raje<br>Delivery Manager

Sandeep Raje
Delivery Manager
Product Engineering Services

"We help you extend the life of your product by re-engineering or refactoring your legacy applications and taking over the support and maintenance. In short, we provide complete product sustenance and extension services so you can focus on building your next-generation products."

Product Lifecycle Extension Insights

Global Market for Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Global Market

The product lifecycle services global market is driven by the growing focus on disruptive product innovation and the need to extend the life of a product with continuous innovation.

Source: Global Industry Analysts Report

Product lifecycle services projected to reach US$ 65.8 billion by 2022.

The Revolution of Product Lifecycle

Revolution-Product Lifecycle

Software product lifecycle management is undergoing big changes. Now it’s all about Industry 4.0, customer experiences, rapid implementations, and cross-platform integration capabilities.

The right PLS can help businesses mature and grow their products faster.

Extend Product Lifetime ROI

Product Lifetime Extension

Simply put, your organization probably needs a partner with product sustenance expertise to help identity which products will return the most profits if they undergo modernization, re-engineering or other tactics to extend their lifetime market value.

Are mature products presenting unique challenges for you and your customers?

Ecosystems Can Boost Profits

Product Ecosystems

Product sustenance requires an innovation-led approach with product delivery excellence. Product companies need a robust ecosystem to support continuous product innovation, including centers of excellence, process accelerators and frameworks to remain competitive, reduce TCO, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Drive revenue by revitalizing mature products with the help of ecosystems.

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