Achieve the Benefits of Modernization While
Mitigating the Disruption

For most technology companies, product modernization is essential to driving top line growth, bottom line efficiency and maintaining a competitive edge against a new generation of digital natives. Yet it can also be a huge disruption that demands serious acrobatic talents - maintaining current systems, existing customers and ties to code bases while simultaneously building a new modern environment. Not to mention dealing with the potential disruption to teams facing new skillset requirements, while navigating the challenges of choosing the right technologies. That's where Xoriant comes in, with the people, technology know-how and experience proven to help you achieve the benefits of modernization while mitigating the disruption.


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Technology Upgrade

Your technology stack is quite literally the foundation you will modernize upon. But upgrading it is often very disruptive, with major changes to your dev environment, platforms, frameworks and infrastructure. Having a proven partner who has helped other technology creators upgrade can be invaluable, reducing the amount of time it takes and the number (and magnitude) of mistakes made.

Architecture Transformation

In most organizations, architectures are half-ready for modernization. Some still rely on traditional client-server architectures with dependence on relational databases, not suited to the kinds of data that you gather today, or to modern microservices and reactive architectures or polyglot persistence based data platforms. Transformation requires migrating business logic still stored in the data layer to the middle layer to suit those modern architectures.

Cloud Enablement

We have a proven cloud migration methodology to migrate your existing on-premise applications to any of the cloud service providers. We follow the 12-factor philosophy and use different approaches such as lift and shift, partial-refactor or complete refactor to migrate or cloud enable your application to the cloud. Learn more about our Cloud offerings ->


Modern app development is agile development. But the only way to ensure CI/CD and QA don't become all-consuming is to automate many of their functions. Automation also applies to microservices and container deployment and management - fast becoming a pre-requisite for modern apps.

Analytics Enablement

Analytics - machine learning, predictive analytics, business visualization - is second only to cloud as the defining features of modern applications. Analytics is power. So an app isn't a modern enterprise app unless it has analytics functionality that integrates with other analytics tools.

UX & Accessibility

Whether your user is a human being or another application, the experience must be seamless, intuitive and consistent across platforms and devices. Furthermore, your app should act like a platform, open to new interfaces, without requiring re-architecting every time. Learn more about our Experience Design offering ->

Learn Why Xoriant for Product Modernization

Proven Expertise at Every Stage of the Journey

We have proven our technical and service capabilities in modernization engagements ranging from multi-year end-to-end initiatives to incremental projects - from architecting the strategy and technology selection, to rebuilding platforms, to supporting end-of-life products.

Extensive Experience with Technology Ecosystems

The true promise of the cloud lies in the interconnectivity it enables. We have the ecosystem expertise and proven experience building extensions, testing them and getting them certified by key platforms and applications, so you can realize that promise.

Key Technology Partnerships

Backed by our strong network of technology players, cutting edge start-ups and platform partners complementing our broad expertise across six leading technology practice areas, you can have confidence deploying next-generation products.

Co-Ideation & Rapid Prototyping Approach

Our proof of concept approach speeds time to market and makes more efficient use of your financial resources. Through our Innovation Lab we're able to experiment and test before implementation, optimizing technology fit and minimizing disruption.

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