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In an environment in which customers want innovation today, speed to market is everything. Xoriant helps, with accelerators to help you quickly and easily accomplish the most common aspects of product development and deployment. To get a high-quality product to market in less time, at lower cost.


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Xoriant Continuous Delivery Accelerator (XCDA)

The XCDA combines the best DevOps approaches with the existing service delivery chain to create an ultra-efficient system of continuous delivery, which includes development, integration, quality control and deployment. The XCDA reduces build and deployment time by up to 30%, provides transparency of the complete dev flow, reduces leakage of bugs at the production level and simplifies automation.

Xoriant Test Automation Framework (XTAF)

The XTAF helps you launch superior products ahead of your competition, well within your budget. Built using industry standard architecture and technology, it is platform and application independent and provides flexibility to replicate from technologies like Ruby and Python – including Open Source. The XTAF reduces QA cycle time by about 50% for both web and enterprise applications and increases test speed and software quality, decreasing costs and speeding time to market.

Xoriant Application Accelerator (XSAA) & Xoriant Enterprise Platform (XEMP)

The XSAA provides a set of building blocks for several common functionalities of mobile applications – to help you get your mobile app to market faster. The XEMP enables integration between backend systems and mobile applications with minimal change to the current architecture of the enterprise applications – to help you more easily and quickly extend the reach, and the value, of your applications.

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