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Software Ideation for Continuous Product and Process Innovation

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We are in an era of high expectations for creating customer experiences and product innovation. To keep pace, companies may need to reinvent themselves and re-engineer their products and infrastructures to drive top-line growth. It’s a massive undertaking requiring multidisciplinary input and collaboration. To keep all projects moving forward, many fast-track organizations are partnering with technology solutions/services providers with decades of field experience and expertise garnered while working with technology customers.

However, today, technical expertise and industry knowledge alone isn’t enough to stay ahead of changes in market demand, customer preferences, and emerging technologies. Customers need partners who employ the latest technology best practices across product lifecycles and ecosystems. Xoriant brings three decades of software product ideation and innovation services with a blend of expert people, best practices and diverse knowledge. Having worked with leading technology and product companies, we understand the impact of product innovation and ensure digital tools to get your products to the market faster than your competitors.

Key Components of Product Ideation Services

Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge and
Technology Expertise

Product modernization involves radically rethinking technology usage to develop new business models, partnerships and revenue streams. It requires rapid modernization to manage the explosion in new data types and user devices. Xoriant has specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure your success.

Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment,
Benchmarking and Selection

We help you assess your environment and then determine the best fit technology to achieve your goals. You’ll benefit from our strong network across key technology players, cutting edge start-ups and platform partners – so you can have the confidence to deploy next-generation products.

Rapid Prototyping


You can rely on Xoriant’s expertise in niche and next-generation technologies to ensure the proposed concept works, and that the product you take to market is the best product possible. We work to understand your goals, iterate the best solution, then productize it for rapid ROI.


Proof-of-Concept (POC)
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Our proof-of-concept approach allows clients to rigorously evaluate new technologies and test prototypes before fully investing in a final product. Instead of slowing time to market, this approach allows stakeholders to achieve consensus earlier, reducing costs by making more efficient use of your financial and technology resources.

Architecture and Design

and Design

Leveraging our expertise in building distributed, complex, and highly scalable systems/products using modern architectures such as Microservices/SOA, we help you identify and resolve architectural risks as you go from concept to design to development. Our architecture evaluation and R&D help you shorten time to market and increase delivery for new products.

Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Ganesh Joshi
Ganesh Joshi
Principal Architect

“Our mission is to help our tech customers get products to market faster that deliver exactly what early adopters need. Xoriant engineers have the product engineering expertise, next-gen technology experience, and accelerators to iterate faster, prototype earlier, and release high-quality innovative products that deliver that competitive edge."

Product Ideation and Innovation Insights

Ideate, Experiment and Build Faster

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Companies need to turn concepts into applications in days - not months – using rapid development approaches like Agile and DevOps.

Rapid prototyping and delivery of software will help you reach customers and enter new markets.

8 Essential Steps of PoC

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- Identify business cases and technology,
- Measure current performance baselines,
- Set future proof performance goals,
- Run your POC project,
- Track your metrics,
- Present results to stakeholders,
- Set your investment levels and
- Transition the PoC to an active project list

Business fit, user acceptance, IT interoperability, and financial good sense make a good PoC.

Evaluating Emerging Technology?

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Selecting the newest shiny object is not the way to go. Take the time to perform rigorous due diligence for fit, form, function and any partners that could accelerate your project when needed.

Emerging tech unleashes a cycle of increasing consumer expectations, and increasing revenue opportunities.

Why Invest in Tech Consulting?

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Technology consulting and implementation revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.1%, reaching a market volume of US $ 73,299.2 Mn by 2025. Why? The rush to adopt new technologies incurs risks companies can’t take in this economy. Your competitors are signing on the dotted line to help ensure success. Should you?

Source: Statista

IT consulting and implementation segment is expected a revenue growth of 10.3% in 2021.

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