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An application is nothing without user adoption, and user adoption depends on an experience that is seamless, intuitive and consistent across platforms and devices. As consumers are increasingly used to applications that deliver the best experience, it’s much harder for an app to get away with anything less. Yet delivering the best experience is increasingly challenging given that new platforms and interfaces come to market every day. That’s where Xoriant comes in; across six technology practice areas, we stay ahead of the tech curve, investing in learning the next-gen technologies that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

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Cross-platform Experience Design

Users expect that their experience with an application is the same on a tablet as on the phone, the desktop, and every other device or platform. Those are the experiences we enable, with expertise designing and developing web-based and native experiences that scale seamlessly across devices of different sizes, operating systems and capabilities.

Emerging Interfaces

Your users are on the cutting edge. So are we. Having developed for a range of interfaces including conversational interfaces, augmented reality and mixed reality, and embedded interfaces for IoT, we have proven expertise experimenting with and integrating the newest interfaces and technologies.

Dashboards & Data Visualization

Even outside of business contexts, data is king. And as data drives decision making in all areas of business, and life, intuitive dashboards and visualization tools are increasingly competitive differentiators for one app over another. Many of our projects involve data visualization and dashboard design, which has become a core area of competence for us – and by extension, you.

Product Engineering Tools & Accelerators

Xoriant Continuous Delivery Accelerator (XCDA)

Xoriant Test Automation Framework (XTAF)

Xoriant Application Accelerator & Enterprise Platform

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