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Product Quality Is Our Mission, So You Can Beat Your Competition

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Today’s products require a modern approach to digital quality assurance. Beyond delivering flawless omnichannel and multi-screen web, mobile, and desktop application validation, testing should encompass AI/ML, big data, security, multi-cloud, IoT, and BI, as well the various industry ecosystems in which your product participates.

Xoriant has developed modern tools, processes, and frameworks to accelerate software release cycles using an integrated approach to testing and development. Our Continuous Quality Engineering platform coupled with a consultative approach ensures we fit within and augment your own quality engineering plans.

Key Focus Areas

Advanced Testing

Specialized Quality

To meet the rising expectations of digital customers,  your teams are embracing the agile approach, bringing software quality and testing into core engineering early on in the SDLC. Xoriant has a good handle on the new age of advanced quality engineering driven by digital transformation, DevOps and cloudification. We excel in  AI- and data-driven testing, IoT edge testing, data migration, Blockchain, and RPA Testing.

Specialized Quality Engineering


The sheer number of competing security tools and technologies can result in gaps and vulnerabilities. In the new digital era, cloud testing can involve multiple platforms, unique services and open source tools that require specialized knowledge and experience. Having completed thousands of successful engagements for hundreds of clients, Xoriant is uniquely positioned to identify gaps, take preventive measures, and leverage the latest security technologies to ensure optimal product security.

Feature Testing


Xoriant’s iAutomate tests web, mobile, desktop applications, API, and features. From UI, multi-browser/multi-environment testing to database connections, third-party integrations and regressions, iAutomate has reduced effort by 70%+ and our Mobile Test Suite has reduced run times up to 83%.

Usability Testing


Adaptive, battle-tested algorithms, augmented and automated with AI/ML, comprise Xoriant test driven-development (TDD). From heuristic inspection of interaction quotients, efficiency, and success rates through workflow testing and management, we leverage user behavior (BDD) to create micro-interactions that optimize user experiences.

Performance and Load Testing

Performance and
Load Testing

Xoriant iPerform is a flexible, adaptive framework used to build iterative QE models that help ensure optimized performance of application subsystems. We analyze performance under different load types, including cross-platforms technologies such as web-based, client-server apps, and SOA-based solutions.

Globalization and Accessibility Testing

Globalization and
Accessibility Testing

Achieve rapid product rollouts and adoption across diverse geographies with minimal source code changes. Xoriant testing best practices cover inference, localized content, cultural awareness, data storage and retrieval in multilingual applications, Unicode characters in databases, character rendering, and contextual shaping.

Product Interoperability Testing

Product Interoperability

At our world-class Interoperability Lab, we test hundreds of products and subsystems to ensure your software can communicate with other products and devices. Tests cover physical, data-type, spec level, and semantic interoperability, including client environments and cross-platform / cross-vendor testing using Xoriant plug-ins.

Mobile Testing


New web browser capabilities empower designers to create and integrate amazing 3D graphics into web and mobile interfaces. However, to provide a bug-free user experience, we test OSes to ensure cross-platform consistency and retention. And Xoriant enablers and accelerators help make it all happen.

Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect Today
Madhavi Sampat

Madhavi Sampat
Delivery Director
Quality Assurance

"Our clients expect us to ensure their products, systems, applications, and platforms behave as per specifications and remain tightly integrated, secure, and compliant. With this top of mind, we are continuously incorporating the latest and most advanced testing techniques into our iAutomate framework to maximize results at speed"

Quality Engineering Insights

The Growing DevOps Market

DevOps Market

The DevOps market exceeded USD 4 billion in 2019 and is poised to grow at over 20% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. Advancements in automated software development and zero-touch automation technologies will drive the demand for DevOps tools.

Source: Global Market Insights Report

The popularity of automated software development fuels DevOps market.

Multi-Experience Testing

Multi-Experience Testing

Development platform vendors are expanding their value proposition to meet user and industry demands. The result is the emergence of multi-experience development platforms used in developing chat, voice, augmented reality and wearable user experiences in support of the digital business.

Multi experience is the near future of app testing and development.

Growth in Automation Testing

 Automation Testing Growth

The overall global automation testing market size is expected to grow from $12.6 billion in 2019 to $28.8 billion by 2024 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18% during the forecast period.

Source: Markets and Markets

DevOps and Agile adoption will drive the growth of automation testing.

End-to-End Test Automation

End-to-End Test Automation

As per the 2019 World Quality report, test automation is increasingly a full-lifecycle requirement.

SDLC test automation is an important gap in app development.

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