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Modern Software Development for Digital Enablement of Enterprises

Product Design and Development

As a tech company, you have to maintain increasingly aggressive release schedules to deliver new products, updates, features, and performance benchmarks. Meanwhile, the competition is heating up and engineering talent is drying up. The pressure to shrink the timelines from ideation to developing, testing and deployment is resulting in design flaws and rework. You need help not only with resources but also with strategies to optimize your product lifecycle processes for speed, accuracy, and quality for the long haul.

When reviewing your requirements for an experienced tech partner, make sure their Design and Development services cover all the bases ­from concept to blueprint and from product release to end-of-life support ­while simultaneously balancing technical requirements and time-to-market urgency. They should be able to design and develop innovative products with less risk and lower costs and integrate next-gen solutions to maximize your technology investments and customer satisfaction. Anything less is a risk you can’t afford to take.

Key Focus Areas



Xoriant helps customers develop software product roadmaps and architectures to ensure that the design is adaptable, scalable, and resilient. We ensure that the agile development methodology is adopted as much as possible. We also include actual and potential integration points to ensure products interoperate with today’s and future disparate environments and deliver augmented omnichannel user experiences. 



Every solution we architect, build, and test benefits from 30 years of applied expertise, R&D rigor, and forward-thinking approach. Our engineers employ industry-standard tools and methodologies such as X-SPEED and Agile while adhering to internal standards and execution models. We follow best practices to ensure good code quality and support low-code developments, employ the latest frameworks like iBASE and Developer Assistant, to enable easy testing, support, implementation, and adoption.

Tools and Accelerators

Tools and Accelerators

With more than 30 years of developing and supporting products across the product lifecycle, Xoriant excels at the execution of Advanced Software Engineering projects, enabling the best metrics of software development efficiency. We employ a unique approach of Bot Assisted Software Engineering using our framework iBASE. Our execution methodology and frameworks, including iBASE, Automation X360, iMonitor, help you quickly and easily accomplish the most common and most complex­ aspects of product development and deployment. Learn more about our Frameworks

Application  Security


Application vulnerabilities put your customers’ data -- and your product revenue -- at risk. We help you identify potential vulnerabilities and safeguard critical data. DevSecOps is baked into our integration and delivery processes with CI/CD artifacts that include security standards, library sets and templates. Finally, we reinforce all web security policies via CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers). Learn more about our Security offerings 

Application Performance and Scalability

Application Performance
and Scalability

Xoriant helps you scale your applications by reviewing the existing design, architecture, and behavior, identifying performance bottlenecks and, fine-tuning to achieve goals. We cover pre-production and production scenario testing, including Production Performance Projection, Performance/Capacity Modeling, Application Profiling, Application Behavior, and more.

Localization and Internationalization

and Internationalization

As your product features and functions stabilize, it becomes critical to enhance compatibility across different platforms and multiple languages/locales. Xoriant helps architect, design, develop/re-engineer products to support internationalization with multi-lingual support, multi-byte encoding. We follow stringent design guidelines based on I18N/L10N standards for Database, Application Layer, and Presentation Layer while ensuring the internationalization testing approach.

Connect With Us to Get Help on Your Design and Development Needs
Connect With Us to Get Help on Your Design and Development Needs
Ashok Chawla
Ashok Chawla
Vice President
Product Engineering Services

We believe that the right tech partner for the digital age should not only be able to design and develop innovative products with less complexity, and reduced risk and costs, but also recommend and integrate next-gen solutions to maximize your technology investments and customer satisfaction."

Design and Development Insights

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications

In 2020, the benefits of progressive web apps over traditional mobile applications will manifest as a major market shift.

Emerging web browser APIs and features for cross-platform agility.

DevSecOps Coming to Your SDLC


Cybersecurity best practices will become a standard and essential facet of DevOps cycles. And the current term used to describe this phenomenon is DevSecOps.

Security will become mainstream with DevOps teams.

Low-Code Development Platforms

Low-Code Development Platforms

Low-code development platforms will reshape how software engineers fit into – and contribute to - the larger organization.

Source: Forrester

One-third of software professionals will use low-code platforms.

The Need to Re-Engineer

 Re-Engineering Need

76% of executives agree that organizations need to dramatically reengineer the user experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric manner.

A human-centric approach brings technology and people together.

Learn About Xoriant Frameworks for Advanced Product Engineering
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Case Study

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Product Engineering Challenges That Xoriant Can Help You Solve
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Case Study

Development of Robotic Process Automation for One of the Fortune 100 Company

Modern Software Development Services for Digital Enablement