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The Xoriant security accelerators provide a rich set of built-in functions to help kick-start security application development. The accelerators’ modules include device ready, technology agnostic, and the most commonly used security application functionalities to identify persistent threats and risky behavior.

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APT Detection Accelerator

Tackle Advanced Persistent Threats created by humans who use malware to exploit the target system faster and more effectively.

  • Defends multiple attack vectors, scanning data both at rest (file shares) and in motion (email and web traffic) to quickly identify and validate threats
  • Proactively blocks threat actors, detecting known and unknown attacks in real time to stop them from spreading through your systems
  • Identifies and stops both known and unknown (zero-day) attacks
  • Minimizes total cost of ownership by eliminating false positives – saves time and resources so you can focus on truly critical alerts

User & Entity Behavioral Analytics

Achieve early detection of insider threats with data such as risky users by name, identification and activities.

  • Incorporates user behavior analytics to identify and address insider threats (the most pervasive threat there is)
  • Provides security analysts visibility into individual users and behavioral irregularities
  • Identifies cybercriminals and rogue insiders who use compromised credentials
  • Monitors lateral movement, data exfiltration, threats to calculate risk scores

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