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Security threats are increasing in complexity, size, and variety – and they move quickly. The proliferation of digital touch-points and pressure to find business value in next-generation technologies can quickly render existing security techniques obsolete. This rapidly changing threat landscape is forcing enterprises to take a more analytic, holistic approach to security. Xoriant works with organizations end-to-end as trusted advisors, helping you frame security within the context of what’s best for your business. Your job is to unlock the potential digital business. Ours is to keep your business safe.

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Security Strategy

We’ll review your existing security program, identify any gaps and work with your team to develop business-relevant security policy and procedures.

Security Design & Architecture

After conducting an architecture risk analysis and identifying existing flaws, our security team will develop a comprehensive architecture and design evaluation, including recommendations and a mitigation plan.

DevOps Implementation

Our DevOps architecture enables faster rollout by automating the build/release process, performing automated error monitoring and creating on-demand cloud servers for greater flexibility.

SIEM Implementation

Built from the ground up, our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) cuts through the challenges of log management, user activity monitoring and incident/anomaly reporting.

Security Tools & Accelerators

APT Detection Accelerator

User & Entity Behavioral Analytics

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