Manage Risk by Doing What You Have to and What You Should

Security and compliance aren’t the same, but they go hand-in-hand. The major difference is that security decisions can be optional while compliance is required. But they’re both good business, especially as security threats become evermore dangerous and regulations evermore complex. At Xoriant, we combine risk management, compliance readiness and security controls in a holistic approach to what you must do and what you should do to keep secure.

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Risk Assessment & Management

Our security team performs security testing and vulnerability assessments and runs penetration testing to evaluate your IT infrastructure security in a controlled setting. We develop incident management protocol for swift response and recovery from massive and complex attacks.

Auditing & Compliance

We perform a comprehensive organization-wide risk assessment and develop plans for risk remediation and risk control guidance. Our compliance readiness solutions ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines including GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI – QSA and FedRamp.

Security Tools & Accelerators

APT Detection Accelerator

User & Entity Behavioral Analytics

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