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Servers, storage, network devices, third party services, firewalls, routers, switches – and the list goes on. Keeping the physical hardware and logical components of an IT network secure is essential for making the most of new business models in the digital age. Some of the components of IT infrastructure are specifically designed to provide security, but others introduce vulnerabilities. Xoriant’s security team has a clear understanding of IT infrastructure and how it relates to the creation of a comprehensive security strategy. From testing existing systems to establishing governance to implementing detection and remediation systems, we help you solidify the foundation upon which your digital business is built.

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Cloud Security

We'll assess and test the security of your infrastructure, ensuring a seamless secured integration of public cloud. With cloud provider and third party tools, we'll establish data encryption.

Identity & Access Management

We establish governance for role-based access to different data classes and segregation of duties as required for compliance. And we create an efficient process for identity and access through IDM/IAM and PIM.

End Point Security

We minimize risk from remote access by implementing endpoint detection and remediation including for mobile devices. We leverage centralized controllers to implement data loss prevention techniques.

Network Security

We provide threat detection to standard signature-based and non signature-based strategies. Our pervasive trust services extend to multiple device types for expanded security coverage. And we establish customized cadence for performance and compliance reporting.

Security Tools & Accelerators

APT Detection Accelerator

User & Entity Behavioral Analytics

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