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Whether apps are for internal systems and projects or consumer use, developers are pushed to be fast, under budget and flexible. Security, as critical as it is, is often under-emphasized. Vulnerabilities lead to security breaches and put your and your customers’ data at risk. Xoriant is equipped to handle the most difficult next-generation security threats. We’ve been securing products around the world for 25 years and have the rigor required to build and secure products and systems to keep your data safe. We focus on security at every stage without slowing the pace of business development.

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Application Security

DevSecOps is baked into integration and delivery with CICD artifacts including security standards, library sets and templates. And we will reinforce security policies on the web through CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers).

Data Security

Our secure toolchains track data at rest (file shares), data in motion (email and web traffic), data anywhere. We ensure your business meets the PCI DSS 12 payment requirements.

Meta Data Security

With big data, security is an essential element in the processes of compiling, authenticating, accessing and encrypting data. We use suitable big data frameworks for database security and optimization.

Security Tools & Accelerators

APT Detection Accelerator

User & Entity Behavioral Analytics

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