Enterprise Mobile Frameworks For Multiple Platforms

The mobile applications have become the need of the day for businesses in terms of allowing real time access to information to both their employees, customers and partners. Mobile landscape of today is flooded with mobile applications developed on multiple platforms like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile, among others, with each platform supporting several devices.

Obviously, reaching the broadest possible audience is a top requirement for any organization which wants to venture into the mobile space. However with no single dominant player controlling the market and with applications developed on one platform being incompatible with the others, organizations have to make tough choice of selecting the right platform for their application.

Since users are scattered among different platforms, organizations have to decide between developing applications on multiple platforms for maximizing the reach or developing the application on one platform and foregoing the opportunity of reaching the other set of users. Also since applications developed on different platforms have different requirements of programming environments, tools, programming languages and different application certification process for publishing it to the respective app market, it becomes a resource intensive activity.

On the other hand on the enterprise side, the information that has to be deployed to the mobile devices, resides in enterprise packaged applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, HR) or specialized transactional systems (brokerage systems, telecom systems, customer response systems, depending on the industry) or data warehouses/business intelligence systems or other software applications, which are assumed to reside in the secure fortress within the company’s firewall. Deploying this information to the mobile world (and allowing the mobile users to input their data back into these systems) is a major problem facing the IT organizations in these enterprises. They are looking for a solution that offers flexibility, security, reliability and accuracy, which is synonymous with any mission critical enterprise applications.

Xoriant has understood this problem via several customer engagements and through its Mobile Centre of Excellence has developed Xoriant Smartphone Application Accelerator and Xoriant Enterprise Mobility Platform to enable rapid development of applications for multiple platforms maintaining functionalities and the ‘look and feel’ of applications across all platforms.

Moreover these frameworks deliver twin benefits of saving your development time and ultimately the costs while also ensuring faster time to market thereby delivering competitive benefits for our clients in this high flux domain.

Enterprise mobility framework for multiple platforms

Xoriant Smartphone Application Accelerator

Xoriant has built Xoriant Smart phone Application Accelerator (XSAA) that helps accelerate mobile application development by providing framework components for iPhone, Android, Nokia – QT, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms.

XSAA Supported Key Features

  iPhone Android BlackBerry QT Symbian Windows Mobile
Location Based Services
UI widgets
Social Media Integration
File / database management

Xoriant has successfully employed XSAA to develop applications in less than 50% of the time and cost of other applications while also enabling our clients to launch their applications on multiple platforms simultaneously using our ‘create on one and deliver to many platforms’ approach.

Xoriant Enterprise Mobility PlatformpXoriant has developed Xoriant Enterprise Mobility Platform (XEMP) which comprises two components: Xoriant Mobility Server (XMS) and XSAA to enable our enterprise customers to mobilize their existing applications with minimal changes to the overall functionality.

XMS is an Open Standards Server which contains infrastructural services like domain model, device tracking and licensing, notification service, job scheduler service which allows communication between backend and mobile applications with minimal change to the current structure of the enterprise applications.

XEMP solution has enabled our clients to empower their mobile workers and deliver improved levels of customer service resulting in elevated customer satisfaction.

Xoriant Application Kickstarter:

Xoriant Application Kickstarter is a combination of modular, pluggable, re-usable components for creating open web apps, specialized for Firefox OS app development. A lot of out of the box UI components of this accelerator aids Xoriant team in rapid development of open web apps including Firefox OS apps.

Xoriant Framework benefits:

  • Reduced development costs
  • Allows clients to focus on areas of expertise rather than areas of application compatibility
  • Improved productivity, timeliness and accuracy
  • Faster time to market