Enterprise Mobility Capabilities

In order to remain competitive, Enterprises need real-time visibility into their supply chain. The proliferation of network connectivity and portable devices has changed the way in which most organizations view their supply chain. By adopting mobility, enterprises today are revolutionizing all aspects of the supply chain from inventory, asset tracking to field operations like scheduling, delivery and navigation.

Enterprise mobility has been enabled via applications running on portable devices which are often equipped with sensory technologies like barcode and RFID. These sensor technologies make it possible to create an efficient supply chain both within and outside the enterprise. From managing inventory in a warehouse to aiding a delivery of a consignment to a customer, the mobility software has provided an efficient way to obtain real-time visibility into the operations of an enterprise.

Xoriant has been in the forefront of bringing these cutting edge technologies to our customers. A dedicated team of professionals, skilled in sensor technologies, mobile technologies and enterprise applications has executed various projects ranging from Proof of Concept applications to large scale live deployments across a supply chain. We provide a holistic approach to first understanding the requirement, evaluating various different sensor technologies and then implementing a mobility solution that provides a significant ROI to our customers.

Enterprise Mobility capabilities

Our capabilities include:

  • Expertise in sensor technologies like barcode and RFID
  • Evaluation, recommendation and integration of Portable/Handheld Computers and hardware devices like barcode readers, RFID readers, etc.
  • Understanding of supply chain domain and implementation of the mobility components in various parts of the supply chain to enhance efficiency and minimize wastage.

Some of our success stories include:

  • A solution involving SAP and mobility solution including bar code scanners for a multinational company that optimized warehouse and delivery operations.
  • An Asset Management and Auditing solution for a large warehouse to track and monitor high value assets using RFID readers to track the indoor assets and GPS/GPRS to track the outdoor assets
  • A food safety solution for a large fruit grower and processor to track the freshness of the produce in the field