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One of the most profound IoT opportunities is the remote monitoring and control it enables. Predictive maintenance alone could generate $2 trillion in economic value by 2025, according to McKinsey. And that applies to the IoT sensors and actuators themselves just as well as it does to the things they’re embedded in. That’s where we come in, helping you ensure your IoT ecosystem stays up and running like it should, without having to send a team into the field.


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IoT Infrastructure Monitoring

We enable end users to configure, manage, monitor and remotely control their devices.

IoT Applications Support

Our IoT support includes incident logging and documentation, incident investigation, troubleshooting and resolution, and knowledge base enhancement to reduce incident occurrence.

Incident Management

Our systematic approach to IoT integration allows us to understand the cause of incidents, take swift remedial action and accelerate any action required.

IoT Tools & Accelerators

Xoriant IoT Application Accelerator

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