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Xoriant IoT Application Accelerator (XIAA) provides a rich set of built-in functions to help you kick-start your IoT application development. The accelerator components have been designed, built and tested via IoT project implementations across various industries and consists of key building blocks that form a typical IoT application architecture. XIAA enables quick development and delivery of custom IoT applications for the most demanding requirements, including integration of IoT data into key enterprise applications and systems. With well-tested components that can reduce development time by 40-60%, XIAA enables you to be responsive to dynamic customer demands – and to outcompete your peers.


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Organization Setup

Allows model locations, users and other attributes such as administrator accounts. Enables mapping and managing multiple devices across locations in an organizational setup.

Device Management

Addresses device provisioning and software updates. Allows issuing licenses and services as per different plans defined by maximum number of devices, number of API calls per month, storage space, and/or number and types of alerts/channels. Enables vendor to announce and relay the firmware updates over-the-air.

Data Storage

Handles all data sent from multiple devices to the IoT platform. Data is logged in an organization-specific data space without any translation/adaptation.


Helps define triggers/alerts for device status, data usage and the corresponding communication channel. For example, if a device is malfunctioning, alerts can be sent via email, SMS, and/or generic HTTP endpoint.


Provides reports for device uptime/downtime, device status, firmware version, current location, device configuration logs, etc.

Protocol/Client Libraries

Provides libraries for various IoT protocols along with client libraries in mainstream programming languages.


Helps secure your IoT communication between device and server side.


Enables bootstrapping your IoT application development with several starter applications.

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