Integrate and Connect IoT Devices to Optimize Outcomes

IoT is so much more than sensors and actuators. Once a device is in place, can you retrieve and make use of the data it generates? Do you have a platform to capture the data, sort it, understand it? Once you analyze the data, can you control or communicate with the device to optimize outcomes? Xoriant helps you answer those questions, and execute on them.


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Device Provisioning, Management & Connectivity

We set provisioning parameters to enroll devices into a fully integrated IoT system to ensure you have maximum uptime and device security.

Cloud Migration, Customization & Deployment/Integration

We provide workload profiling solutions and sizing solutions so you can optimize the sizing of your compute and storage infrastructure.

Sensor & Device Configuration, Testing and Firmware Upgrades

We provide sensor and device configuration, testing and management for basic information and to customize data retrieval and other communication with the device.

IoT Tools & Accelerators

Xoriant IoT Application Accelerator

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