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Collecting data from interconnected devices is the first step. But the ultimate goal is to turn the data into actionable insights to better serve customers and outperform competitors. We help, with offerings that include scalable solutions to simplify large amounts of data, eliminating extraneous code, developing reporting and real-time analytics and visualization on processed data. We provide high scalability and introduce reports that are relevant and useful, helping you realize those business goals.

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Predictive & Real-time Analytics

Leveraging the Google Cloud Platform and Google BigQuery, our analytics offerings range from relatively simple data cleaning, structuring and storage to complex analytical modeling for predictive analytics and sentiment analysis.

Business Logic Integration to Derive Business Insights

We build in a business logic layer to give you insights into device and sensor data. Data processing capabilities validate user inputs and translate messages to/from the device.

Data Management

Our analytics and visualization dashboards get you to the actionable insights that drive business value.

IoT Tools & Accelerators

Xoriant IoT Application Accelerator

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