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Across a broad range of industries – from manufacturing and energy to retail and financial services – IoT has tremendous potential as an enabler of business transformation, from creating new revenue streams to creating operational efficiencies to fundamentally changing the customer relationship. Leveraging our cloud, big data & analytics and machine learning expertise, Xoriant helps you realize the value of IoT, by turning large volumes of data into actionable insight. We can develop rapid prototypes to demonstrate the value of IoT to your business, and follow through to fully implement large scale solutions that work. We have expertise to integrate IoT solutions with your existing systems and processes to maximize the benefits while preserving business continuity.


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IoT Center of Excellence Fostering Innovation for Partners & Clients

We invest in the next-gen technologies and skillsets that are the foundation of IoT innovation. We have a dedicated IoT lab where we work on proof of concept and showcase solutions in action.

In-depth Expertise Across IoT Protocols

We have expertise in the latest IoT protocols, from HTTP, Serial Peripheral Interface, Phidget, Zigbee and MQTT to OPCUA, UCAM, Websocket, AMQP and beyond.

IP Creation Focused on Entire IoT Stack

Our IoT Application Accelerator provides device-ready, technology agnostic, tested functionalities across connected applications to help you kick-start application development.

Dedicated Big Data & Analytics Practice

We have the experience, expertise and technology tools required to unlock the value of IoT sensor data and help you leverage that data to optimize business outcomes.

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