Security Is a Cloud Risk – But It Doesn’t Have to Be a Deterrent

Enterprise leaders inside and outside the IT organization continue to rank security as the #1 cloud deterrent. For ISVs, it’s the fear of being the source of a breach that keeps leaders up at night. It’s true that security is a significant cloud risk. But cloud deployments – done right – can be as secure as on-premises deployments. And that’s where Xoriant comes in.
Our Cloud Security services and solutions include cloud data security, cloud infrastructure security monitoring, threat evaluation integration, and segmentation and flow visibility. We architect security into every layer of your cloud stack. So you can go to the cloud with confidence.


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Cloud Infrastructure & Data Security – We’ll assess your vulnerability and test the security of your infrastructure. Then we’ll help you establish governance for roles-based access to different data classes, segregation of duties as required for compliance and resource access rules for data and services through IDM/IAM and PIM.


Threat Evaluation & Pervasive Trust Services – We provide data encryption at rest and in transit, threat detection to standard signature-based and non-signature based strategies and identity and access management with multi-factor authentication services.

Managed Cloud Security Solutions – We’ll implement endpoint detection and remediation as well as data loss prevention leveraging centralized controllers. We offer a seamlessly secured integration of public cloud for enabling burst capacity and pervasive trust services that extend to multiple device types for expanded security coverage.

Operate & Optimize

SIEM Reporting, Compliance & Log Management – With our intelligent SOC capabilities, you’ll be able to leverage big data analytics for threat detection. We’ll customize performance and compliance reporting to meet your specific needs.

Security Dashboards & Alerts – We provide user and entity behavior analytics through event streams even across disparate data sources. Our customized dashboards in Splunk integrate multiple business environments. Our proprietary analytics solution enables APT reporting and correlates the data for advanced threat detection.

Cloud Security Tools & Accelerators

Network Visualization, Security & Diagnostic Solution

OpenFlow-based Network Flow Management Solution

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