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Though the value of the cloud extends well beyond DevOps today, that is where it started. For enterprises, the cloud was the perfect way for DevOps teams to access compute resources outside the typical bureaucracy of the IT department. For ISVs, the cloud has long enabled DevOps teams to experiment and quickly pivot. Those are still key benefits of the cloud, and enterprises and ISVs are still realizing them. But with the explosion of cloud platforms and technologies, it’s increasingly more difficult to navigate the ecosystem. And that’s where Xoriant comes in. Our Cloud DevOps services and solutions include Cloud Foundry implementation, template-based orchestration and resource creation, CI/CD automation and blue/green deployments. We help you navigate the cloud so you can continue to innovate – and drive your competitive advantage.


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Architecture & Planning – We’ll conduct a DevOps assessment and then recommend a strategy for creating a DevOps architecture that enables faster rollout.


DevOps Deployment Services – We’ll help you integrate, construct and test your DevOps stack. Support services include ongoing management and optimization of your DevOps environment with Xoriant Motif.

Operate & Optimize

Continuous Integration/Continuous Development – We leverage the Xoriant Continuous Delivery Accelerator integrated with tools like Puppet and Bamboo for a phased release strategy.

Error Monitoring & Alerts – We can develop custom dashboards, tools, adaptors and accelerators or leverage Xoriant deepInsights, a template-based monitoring and visualization solution.

Cloud DevOps Tools & Accelerators

Motif: Template-based Lifecycle Management Solution for Virtualized and Containerized Infrastructure and Applications

deepInsights: Template-based Monitoring & Visualization Solution for Virtualized and Containerized Infrastructure and Applications

Xoriant Continuous Delivery Accelerator for Release Automation



Lab-automated Testbeds on Hadoop, OpenStack, NFV

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