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For most enterprises, the pressure’s on to migrate legacy applications to the cloud. But which applications are ready? What is the best approach? Is it secure? For ISVs, competing in the Digital Age is all about developing cloud native applications. But on which platform? Leveraging which technologies? And how can they be secured? Whether you’re an enterprise or an ISV, Xoriant can help you answer those questions. And we can help you execute on them. Our Cloud Applications offerings include enterprise application migration strategy, application migration framework based on public cloud native services and application integration strategy (cloud + on-premises). We get you to the cloud – smarter, faster and more securely.


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Infrastructure Environment & Application Analysis – We’ll help you assess your cloud maturity and readiness for cloud migration.

Cloud Development & Migration Strategy – Lift and shift? Partial refactor? Cloud native? We’ll help you chart the best course to the cloud and help you select the right cloud platform.


Lift & Shift – For lifting and shifting applications from a private data center or other environment to the cloud, we can help ensure the scalability and cost savings you expect.

Partial Refactoring – Where the best course to the cloud is migrating from a hosted environment, we have expertise in partial refactoring to give you better scalability and lower costs.

Cloud Native – We have deep cross-domain experience building and deploying cloud native applications on a wide range of platforms, including AWS, Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Operate & Optimize

Application Optimization – Through performance monitoring and management, we work to ensure that diverse workloads connect seamlessly between your clouds, data centers and other enterprise IT applications and services. So all your applications perform the way they should.

Cloud Applications Tools & Accelerators

Enterprise Cloud Readiness Assessment Framework

12-Factor Application Assessment Checklist

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