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Big data has captured the imagination of businesses and customer behavior has driven the collection of increasingly large amounts of information in all forms. Following the digital revolution and data revolution, we are beginning to see an insights revolution. Insights driven enterprises that truly gain competitive advantage from data are showing how advanced analytics practices can help data become strategically relevant across the business. Xoriant provides that cognitive approach to data analysis. From data preparation to predictive analysis, our job is to deliver the building blocks for the predictive models that lie within your data. Your job is to turn the rich insights into action.

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Business Analytics Consulting

We develop and implement domain-specific analytics (e.g., financial services, healthcare) and data-driven product analytics solutions using data mining and model building. We evaluate analytics models for actionable business strategies.

Data Preparation

Through data ingestion, cleansing, updating, organizing and integrating we eliminate conflicts and redundancies – so the data is appropriate and valuable downstream. We deliver a syntactic and semantic understanding of data, leveraging auto-discovery, profiling and data visualization as well as data blending, wrangling and munging as appropriate.

Machine Learning Model Creation & Implementation

Our data science as a service approach gives you improved data quality and the ability to quickly deliver on business queries. We apply machine learning models on both big data and conventional data.

Machine Learning Based Operational Analytics

Our operational analytics helps find root causes of performance issues and even automatically resolves those issues. Use cases include finding ticket similarity and mis-classification as well as pre-fetching missing information.

Natural Language Processing/ Text Analytics/ Chatbots

We help you dig deep into the text of structured and unstructured data to find meaning. Use cases include named entity recognition, concept/theme extraction (e.g., an improper trade in bank operational risk), sentiment analysis and event extraction.

Predictive Analytics

We create tools to help you move beyond knowing what has happened to discover insights into what might happen in the future. So you can reduce risk, optimize interactions with customers and identify opportunities for growth.

Big Data Tools & Accelerators

Big Data Ingestion Platform (XDIP)

Master Data Management Framework (XMDMF)

NLPro – NLP & Text Analytics Platform

Visualization Framework (XVF)

Advanced Analytics Platform

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