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Having solved big data challenges for many clients, we have built our own IP; these technologies serve as accelerators, enabling us to solve your challenges more efficiently. That doesn’t mean a one-size-fits-none approach; it simply means that we’re being as efficient as possible when we build solutions for you, drawing from and mashing up leading industry tools, niche solutions, open source technologies and our own IP. Our accelerators provide a rich set of built-in device ready, technology agnostic functions to give you a head start toward uncovering the insights that will help your business stay competitive.

Explore Our Big Data & Analytics Tools & Accelerators

Xoriant Big Data Ingestion Platform (XDIP)

XDIP enables the efficient migration and replication of relational data to Hadoop for big data ETL and data lake use cases.

Benefits of the Xoriant Big Data Ingestion Platform

  • Highly scalable platform to load data from RDBMS, data queues and unstructured sources
  • Detection of change data for incremental extraction
  • Job workflows for parallel execution and scheduling

Xoriant Advanced Analytics Platform

Xoriant Advanced Analytics Platform is a data analysis tool with sophisticated data modeling and automation capabilities including machine learning to generate deep insights.

Xoriant Master Data Management Framework (XMDMF)

XMDMF is an end-to-end product for maintaining standard BFSI master data entities.

Benefits of the Xoriant Master Data Management Framework

  • Support for industry standard data feeds for BFSI domains
  • Implementation of data match/merge algorithms and enrichment processes
  • Integrated data rejection processes
  • Change and approval processes
  • Highly scalable master data lookups on MongoDB

Xoriant NLPro – A NLP & Text Analytics Platform

Xoriant NLPro is a natural language-based automation platform to extract and analyze relevant information from documents.

Xoriant Visualization Framework (XVF)

XVF is an Angular- and D3-based data-driven framework that quickly creates stunning visualizations for your data.

Benefits of the Xoriant Visualization Framework

  • Quick data-driven charts
  • Query directly from data sources
  • Reuse your code for deriving result sets
  • Enhanced APIs adapt to different data sets and formats
  • Visualize the data through stunning interactive charts
  • Integration with web and mobile platforms

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