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Big data continues to be a disrupting influence on businesses. The massive volumes of data from connected devices and the numerous tracking points that flood businesses all must be combed through for analysis. Accurate, valid and up-to-date data provides a clear picture of your company’s day-to-day operations and insight into its potential. Our job is to provide the BI tools and processes to make sure you are getting the most out of your data. Your job is to act on the insights delivered.

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Cloud BI

We work with clients from conception to completion using cloud-based business intelligence tools offering the agility and accessibility of the cloud. We leverage the cloud for data mining, text mining and online analytical processing (OLAP); reporting and dashboarding; data exploration, visualization and storytelling; and embedded real-time analytics.

Mobile BI

Our full complement of BI solutions is available on mobile devices for the overall purpose of increasing effective decision-making and increasing client performance. Our mobile BI offerings include management of complex domain data structures (hierarchical data, bridge tables, etc.); dynamic data writing to databases to access dynamic real-time dashboards; write-back and transaction processing, ad-hoc reporting and real time business analytics.

Data Warehousing & ETL

Through ETL – extraction, transformation and loading – we aggregate structured data from diverse sources so it can be compared and analyzed and delivered to users for greater business intelligence. Specific offerings include migration, implementation of ETL and data warehouses, and data warehouse solutions on RDBMS and big data systems.

Enterprise Data Management & Governance

Our engineers make sure that clients are able to define, integrate and retrieve data within a sound governance program. Our data management and governance systems provide a clear foundation for business initiatives. Specific offerings include Master Data Management, Metadata Management and a Compliance Data Quality Management Solution.

Report Migration

Migration of reports from one framework to another requires knowledge, understanding and experience of both frameworks. Our experienced team of engineers is able to smooth the process of report migration. Our report migration offerings include accelerated migration to BI tools such as Qlik by using utility to scan report metadata, data model and data dictionary for data sources, and data reconciliation between existing and converted reports.

BI Tools Custom Visualization

We integrate BI tools such as MicroStrategy, Qlik and Tableau with big data using an in-memory computing paradigm to deliver easy-to-use data storage and visualization tools, helping you make the most of your data. Our custom BI visualization offerings include domain-specific custom visualization on BI tools.

Big Data Tools & Accelerators

Big Data Ingestion Platform (XDIP)

Master Data Management Framework (XMDMF)

NLPro – NLP & Text Analytics Platform

Visualization Framework (XVF)

Advanced Analytics Platform

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