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Nokia has been the world wide leader for mobile phones, including the Smartphones for more than a decade now. Today, Nokia is making moves to streamline its development environments across device platforms focusing on Qt as the sole application development framework for Smartphone application development. Qt allows mobile apps developers to code once and deploy the application to over a hundred million mobile phones. The Nokia Qt SDK leverages the power of the Qt framework and tools, combining them with tools designed specifically to streamline the creation of applications for Symbian, Maemo, and forthcoming MeeGo devices from Nokia.

Xoriant's Nokia application developers are capable of harnessing the ultimate power of Nokia APIs. Our development team has identified commonly built classes / features that can be used across applications. Additional research is being done on the mobility APIs and upcoming versions of the Nokia platform, thereby integrating cutting edge features as they become available. Our deep understanding of the Qt GUI module allows us to implement rich functionalities, thereby delivering rich user experiences. With our expertise, we can help the mobile apps vendors create advanced applications with innovative user experiences while getting to market quickly.

Being a Nokia development partner, Xoriant engineers are involved in the entire mobile application development from conceptualization to submission of application in the Ovi store. Through our Mobile Centre of Excellence (MCoE), Xoriant engineers have developed ready-to-use, re-useable building blocks and solution accelerators that save 20-50 percent of development efforts and reduce time-to-market.

Xoriant has developed 'Xoriant Smartphone Application Accelerator' on Nokia Qt platform to help speed up development of Nokia Qt based mobile applications. Our Application accelerator has been used to build multiple categories of applications on Nokia Qt platform including the one for mTgr8 that allows real estate agents to create personalized location aware listings of the properties under their purview to their clients on multiple mobile platforms.

Our Expertise:

  • Experience and expertise in developing Qt (Mobility) applications and getting them approved by Nokia Ovi Store
  • Expertise in creating applications supported on various Smartphone platforms like Nokia N8, C6 and X7
  • Dedicated Usability team to build applications with advanced features
  • Expertise in QML for upcoming version of Qt 4.7 which is available on Meego platform and would be available on Symbian platform as well
  • Expertise in the latest versions of Qt& Mobility APIs
  • Dedicated research team to check features available in new & upcoming versions so as to make clients aware of what to expect in the new versions of the application
  • Integration with mobility APIs leveraging capabilities of the mobile handset
  • Integration of advanced features like Ovi Maps integration, Location Based services using GPS, Augmented Reality (AR) implementation for real time search and directions and Customized UI themes

Applications developed or being developed:

  • A Real Estate Listings application that uses location based services to find your current location and list real-estate deals around you. It comes with inbuilt Map based Address finder, email, call and SMS facility
  • A tracking application allowing business and individual users to track delivery status of parcels shipped through different popular carriers like UPS, DHL, Fedex and USPS
  • A budget application that makes your personal finances a breeze by taking care of complex tasks of tracking all your expenses and incomes. User can create budgets, maintain manual or automated recurring expenditures and incomes, track spending/income patterns via graphical reports
  • A super alarm clock application assisting in setting up multiple recurring and non-recurring alarms for daily use
  • An Expense Tracking application which allows frequent business travelers to track and record their expenses while on the move and submit it back for approval
  • A currency converter that lets you get currency exchange rates for every world currency

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