Webinars & Podcasts

Agile Development on Cloud

In this podcast Alcina Wegrzynowski, VP Global Customer Support for SAP Mobile Services, talks about 6 Must Do’s for Customer Support in an Agile development for Cloud environment. She also explains how products should be built from the ground up with support in mind. How it’s critical to incorporate as much self-support capabilities as possible into software and how good support is a critical part of developing good code more than the cost.

Moving To Micro Services Can Be Painful But Its Worth It

In this podcast Brian Kelly, Vice President, Engineering at TimeTrade Systems, Inc., talks about a lot of benefits that can reaped from having isolated micro services that can be upgraded or maintained individually. Brian gives an insight on  a lot of things you get for free in monolithic architectures and have to handle yourself when you move to micro services, and about the ability to update individual components of your system without having to re-architect everything is worth it.

Getting That Software Engineering Fire In The Belly

In this podcast Elizabeth Ricci Vice President of Engineering at PHT Corporation talks about People, Process and Products the 3 Ps relatively important for building world class software engineering products and software engineering teams. Elizabeth shares her experiences in establishing agile processes and getting entire companies to rally behind the objectives. She explains how it is important for team members to have a fire in their belly, exuding a passion for what they do. Unless all the product owners and stakeholders are engaged, it is hard for software engineers to achieve success.

Finding Inspiration Through Offshore Dev Work

In this interview, Michael Lortan, Principal Engineer at Castlight Health, shares his experiences on handling offshore development teams. According to him, treating the offshore engineers the same as local staff, integrating them into the team, and being available for meetings at odd hours is the secret to work effectively with the offshore team. Apart from the strategies to derive higher motivation and productivity, Michael reveals various advantages of off-shoring. He says he can find all the quality programmers he needs offshore within weeks as opposed to months in the US. To know more on how efficiently you can collaborate your on-shore and off-shore teams to realize benefits beyond cost savings, listen to this thought provoking Podcast.

Object Storage Come of Age in the Cloud

In this exclusive interview with Oscar Wahlberg who is the Director of Product Management at Nexenta, talks about how object storage has become the hands-down cost effective and scalable storage workhorse of the cloud. Oscar explains how object storage can be scaled incrementally as needed to vast sizes without forklift upgrades. He further emphasizes on the de-facto standardization of Amazon’s S3 object store API that has been critical for the growing popularity of object storage. To know more on this captivating topic, grab your earphones to listen to this podcast.