Consulting, Customization and Integration

Implementing a software product at a typical customer IT environment involves some product specific knowledge and technologies, but successful project delivery involves working knowledge of multiple other systems, information sources and various different technologies and making all these diverse components working properly. Typically software product company engineers have intricate knowledge of the functions and technologies associated with their own products and have very little knowledge of other components present in the IT environment. In such cases when issues arise at the interfaces, multiple product companies begin pointing fingers at each other, keeping the client dissatisfied. This is where many product companies partner with companies like Xoriant, which have experience in both Product Engineering and Product Consulting.

Professional software services

Xoriant offers a wide range of professional software services within the Product Engineering field. Through our vast experience in various aspects of product lifecycle, multiple technologies and products, as well as customer level business and applications environments, leading companies worldwide have benefited from a combination our professional software services and outsourced development. We offer the following professional software services:

Pre-sales Consulting

Some of our product clients utilize Xoriant teams for pre-sales consulting which involves analyzing the customer environment, performing the gap analysis, build a proof of concept (POC) demo as a part of the sales cycle and then help estimate the product implementation efforts.


When clients ask for customization of existing product to meet specific end-user needs, Xoriant can help focus on core activities as we take care of customization requests. No wonder we are among the top software development customization service companies.


To ensure a product works without any glitch, Xoriant’s software application integration services, middleware, device management and embedded systems can tie software applications and hardware products together, assuring seamless functionality 24/7.

For products such as TIBCO and Oracle we offer comprehensive services through our Product Consulting practice.