Round The Clock Technical Support Outsourcing Solutions

Software companies need to provide 24-hour online technical support in addition to the email and voice tech support for all their commercial products. A software company’s technical support team needs to respond quickly to any situation and provide immediate solutions. This can be achieved only through a robust technical support team that can handle email support, voice support, and online support with ease. Since solving technical problems on a daily basis requires a considerable effort and commitment from software companies, it can divert valuable time away from important development efforts. When the customer support issues heat up, developers get sucked into those issues, thus adversely affecting the new product release schedules. Many software companies partner with companies like Xoriant to handle their technical support issues on their behalf, while focusing their own engineers on enhancing the existing products or working on the new products, thus proving that software technical support outsourcing is much profitable than having its own resources supporting the product.

Our technical support outsourcing solutions offer a complete package, including email support, voice support and online technical support to clients. Xoriant technical support teams are capable of supporting our client’s customers around-the-clock, enabling our clients to commit 99.9% product uptime. We provide a team of experts headed by a technical manager that will take prompt and effective actions as soon as any support issues arise.

Technical support outsourcing solutions

For software product companies with clients relying heavily on post-deployment customer support, Xoriant’s proficient technical support ensures to replace their problem with a permanent solution. We excel in building multiple competent technical support teams, by hiring competent people, training them before they are deployed in our support teams and maintaining backup resources to handle both excess call volume as well as act as a cushion in case of unplanned attrition. We have a proven method of creating or enhancing the existing training material and deploying it in multiple forms such as classroom training, computerized knowledge management and on-the-job training. Xoriant teams render online support and trouble-shooting at a client-site or from our site or a combination thereof, via voice support and through email support 24/7. The specific deliverables include:

Level 1 through 4 services

Providing technical know-how through our state-of-the-art knowledge management practices

  • Troubleshooting technical problems
  • Providing workarounds
  • Fixing defects in products and creating release patches
  • Problem management
  • SLA Compliance

Technical support offerings