Unlocking The Potential of IoT Data - Webinar

Presented by 
Friday 10th Jul, 2015

Presented by Xoriant July 28, 2015
Internet of Things (IoT) has led to transformative business models and is radically impacting products and services of businesses. With the overwhelming amount of data getting generated through all the connected devices, organizations are struggling to make sense of this data to their businesses.

This short webinar will help you understand:

  • Where are you in the IoT phase vs. where you should be?
  • IoT strategy: Factors to consider while determining an apt IoT ecosystem platform
  • Effective implementation of an IoT ecosystem including the right Big Data technology and Business Intelligence tool
  • Gain customer and market insights and deliver real-time actionable intelligence
  • How can you work to curb potential risks and handle sensitive issues like security and privacy?
  • Deriving value from IoT – presented through real-world use cases

Avail a free one hour consultation to understand how your organization needs to leverage on IoT based on your unique environment.

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