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Transaction Banking Solutions: Trade Globally, Manage Liquidity and Secure Customer Relationships

Transaction Banking Solutions by Xoriant

The world of transaction banking is unlike any other. Volatile, high stakes, fast and ever-changing, it’s not for the faint of heart. But one way to reduce any unnecessary fear or risk is to ensure that your enabling technologies, processes, and best practices are highly advanced, reliable, and, above all, agile. Here is how we have helped customers:

  • Organize for the big picture – Help banks assess and plan how best to sequence, staff, and deploy new technologies as a standard operating process.
  • Modernize – Using an omnichannel, digital front-end, agile and resilient infrastructure, cognitive technologies for intelligent automation, and APIs to expand ecosystem connectivity
  • Don’t just automate work, rethink and eliminate it – Identify processes a bank should use to empower customers and help third parties and vendors perform better.
  • Keep the customer journey front and center – Understand what technologies can help give customers what they want, how and when they want it.
  • Partner with the Fintech ecosystem – Whether through open APIs or formal agreements, take advantage of industry ecosystem knowledge and innovation.
  • Manage risks – To performance, reputation, and compliance.
  • Refine enterprise data management capabilities – Use current data flows to analyze and improve operations and service delivery.

Our Technology Services and Domain Competency

Technology Modernization


Modernize technology and optimize financial operations with scalable, robust, future-ready solutions that drive real-time payments and mobile-first applications.

Risk and Compliance Solutions

Risk and Compliance

Risk and compliance solutions (AML, KYC, Sanctions) to help ensure regulatory compliance, while safeguarding against fraud and risk.

ERP Integrations


Integration with leading Oracle and non-Oracle ERPs to extend operational reach, improve service delivery and increase market share.

Payments Solutions


Partner with Xoriant to leverage new trends in B2B and P2P payments and implement solutions for fast, easy and secure transactions.

Data-Driven Banking


AI- and analytics-powered solutions enable P&C insurers to acquire and retain customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Omni-Channel Solutions


End-to-end (E2E) omnichannel solutions to keep pace with evolving customer expectations and go digital with self-service enablement.

Open Banking


Enable banks to embrace open banking confidently, keeping customer transactions safe, while ensuring greater financial transparency.

Connect With Us to Learn More

Connect With Us to Learn More

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Chirag Trivedi
Delivery Director
Enterprise Financial Services

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"Xoriant brings the powerful triad of people, processes, and technology to help banks and financial institutions bring new products to market faster. With deep capabilities in transaction banking, we extend our unique value of driving efficiency and growth via modern platforms allowing banks to operate efficiently, boost revenue, and control costs."

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