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Retail Banking Today: Building Your Business One Customer at a Time

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Success in retail banking requires leveraging emerging technologies to delight digital-savvy consumers while complying with increasingly stringent regulations. Factor in revenue pressures and It’s a tough to-do list.

Xoriant’s integrated suite of services and solutions for retail, commercial, community banks and credit unions checks all the boxes:

  • Applications for customer onboarding, loan origination, deposit accounts, workflows, credit analysis, enterprise content management and on-demand reporting.
  • Agile technology and operating models that adjust to constant change and scale to meet demand.
  • Next-gen, end-to-end experiences that enable more efficient, cost-effective operations and processes.

Create the Digital Future of Your Organization

Digital Transformation


Modernized retail banking products and technology with scalable, robust, future-ready solutions that reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

Risk and Compliance Solutions

Risk and Compliance

Risk and compliance solutions (AML, KYC, Sanctions) to help ensure regulatory compliance, while safeguarding against fraud.

Open Banking


Solutions that enable banks to embrace open banking confidently, keeping customer data safe, while providing greater financial transparency.

Payments Solutions


Payment solutions including P2P and B2B payments for near real-time, easy, safe and mobile-friendly transactions.

Data-Driven Banking


AI and analytics enable retail banks to acquire and retain customers--and competitive advantage—while providing great user experiences.

Lending Programs


Fast, efficient lending programs to help banking customers with quick eligibility checks, approvals and disbursements.

Omni-Channel Solutions


End-to-end (E2E) omni-channel solutions to keep pace with evolving customer expectations--and go digital with self-service enablement.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process

Robotic process automation in front, middle, and back-office operations to reduce staffing and operational overhead.

Connect With Us to Learn More

Connect With Us to Learn More

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Milind Mahajan
Vice President
Enterprise Financial Services

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“Xoriant leadership, engineering teams, and consultants are influenced by banking experts who understand how financial institutions operate. We strive to keep abreast of industry trends, regulatory updates, and customer-driven enhancements to service delivery and user interfaces. Whatever the need, we always strive for maximum ROI with minimal disruption.”

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Case Study

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