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Regulatory Risk and Compliance: Global Expertise with a Regulatory Focus

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To meet regulatory requirements, enterprises must build a culture of compliance with the systems and processes to support it, including data analytics, flag development, reporting and self-serve compliance analytics. They must prepare for the inevitable increase in qualitative and quantitative compliance requirements. For this increasingly complex and dynamic global sector, Xoriant offers a wide range of advanced industry solutions and frameworks to ensure you stay ahead of the competitive curve.

  • Data acquisition, modeling, profiling, quality assurance, reporting, including data lakes/marts and operational data stores, and regulatory reporting.
  • Establishing data lineage and developing analytical and MIS dashboards showcasing data sourcing and quality metrics.
  • Coverage for all current regulations (Global): Basel III, Liquidity, BCBS239, Dodd-Frank, FATCA/CRS, EMIR, MiFID, MAS, etc.
  • Expertise in Regulatory Validations including OCC Validations, D Fast Validations, EMIR Validations, FRB Validations, LRR Validations, etc.
  • Extensive expertise with FR Y14 A, FR Y14 Q, FR Y14 M, including all schedules and vendor products such as AFS, MacCracken, DataScan, etc.
  • Automation of analytics and reporting workflows.

Our Technology Services and Domain Competency

Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting solutions to comply with global regulatory and reporting requirements such as BASEL III and CCAR.

Risk and Compliance Solutions

Risk and Compliance

Risk and compliance solutions (AML, KYC, Sanctions) to help ensure regulatory compliance, while safeguarding against fraud and risk.

Data-Driven Approach


AI and analytics-centric solutions enable banks to automate regulatory validations and reporting, improving compliance and time to market.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process

Robotic process automation in front, middle and back office operations to reduce staffing and operational overhead.

Connect With Us to Learn More

Connect With Us to Learn More

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Satish Hada
Delivery Manager
Enterprise Financial Services
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“Xoriant is ideally equipped to handle the dynamic, compliance-constrained environments governing the financial industry today. We understand the pressure to prepare for, respond quickly and accurately to regulatory changes, while continuing to safeguard precious assets and build your brand as a digital champion.” 

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Case Study

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Regulatory, Risk and Compliance