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Advanced Technologies for Modern Insurance Applications

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As an integral driver of P&C industry transformation, advanced technologies increase customer acquisition and retention ­ and provide data-driven insights for a competitive edge. 

Xoriant will help you deliver superior services and amazing customer experiences with:

  • Predictive Analytics¬†to understand and predict customer behavior.
  • Machine Learning¬†to improve service delivery and¬†accuracy.
  • IoT¬†to monitor usage, determine rates, minimize risk and loss.
  • Chatbots¬†to interact with customers, saving time and money.
  • Social Media Data¬†Mining¬†to improve risk assessment and fraud detection for P&C insurers, and provide relevant user experiences.
  • Telematics¬†for delivering data on vehicle speed, location, and accidents to determine policy premiums.
  • Drones¬†for¬†collecting data to calculate risk, aid in preventative maintenance, and assess the damage.

Our Technology Services and Domain Competency

Connect With Us to Learn More

Connect With Us to Learn More

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Satish Ambawale
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Satish Ambavale
Vice President

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‚ÄúXoriant teams understand what it takes for P&C insurers to evolve into digitally sophisticated, seamlessly integrated, customer-focused organizations. And whether your product is technology or insurance, we‚Äôre living in an age where constant change and overwhelming choice means customer loyalty must be earned every day. That‚Äôs exactly what we do.‚ÄĚ

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Increased client satisfaction with platform capabilities to expediate and streamline processing of forms data with automated forms update and publishing.