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Financial services firms continue to evolve in response to the needs and demands of customers and the opportunities presented by technology. Yet the progress of many providers is slowed by legacy systems and legacy approaches to change. Xoriant takes a holistic systems approach; it’s about cloud migration, but not only cloud migration. From refactoring and migrating legacy ETL systems to implementing next-gen platforms, no matter the size of your project Xoriant can help you modernize your infrastructure.

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Cloud Adoption Services

We have a proven cloud migration methodology to migrate your existing on-premise applications to any of the cloud service providers. We follow the 12-factor philosophy and use different approaches such as lift and shift, partial-refactor or complete refactor to migrate or cloud enable your application to the cloud.

Technology Upgrade

Your technology stack is quite literally the foundation you will modernize upon. But upgrading it is often very disruptive, with major changes to your dev environment, platforms, frameworks and infrastructure. Having a proven partner who has helped other BFSI firms upgrade can be invaluable, reducing the amount of time it takes and the number (and magnitude) of mistakes made.


Container formats help developers create predictive environments, maximize scale and optimize efficiency for next-gen apps – which gives the organization business agility. Xoriant has expertise with a range of container technologies to help you best implement and orchestrate your infrastructure.

Process Automation

Process automation helps you better manage information, data and processes – to reduce costs. It also increases productivity by automating key business processes through computing technology. And with Xoriant, process automation helps you ensure the correct data is in the right place – essential for BFSI firms in today’s regulatory environment.

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