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Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Delivers Agility & Performance

The beginning-to-end process of maintaining, tracking and optimizing infrastructure is critical for any organization hoping to find efficiencies through digital transformation. It is especially critical for financial services providers, buffeted by the triple winds of acquisition, innovation and regulation. Yet infrastructure lifecycle management (ILM) requires a dedicated team of engineers with a depth of experience, an understanding of state-of-the-art technology and the ability to adapt quickly to new tools, systems and processes. That’s where Xoriant comes in, to guide you through identifying, establishing and monitoring the infrastructure management approach best suited to help you keep up with changes in regulation, customer demands and growth.

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Assessment & Analysis

No matter the age or size of your firm, you will be managing infrastructure in a constant state of change and growth, complete with old and new assets. Xoriant performs readiness and risk assessment using your key performance goals. We help you asses your environment and then determine the best fit technology to achieve your goals. You’ll benefit from our strong network across key technology players, cutting edge start-ups and platform partners – so you can have the confidence to deploy next-generation products.

Implementation & Migration Services

Using best practices for upgrading, migrating, integrating and refreshing your technologies helps avoid interruptions. Xoriant has a proven methodology to make this a smooth process whatever stage you are in the infrastructure lifecycle.

Datacenter Operations, Management & Modernization

Enabling DevOps, reducing costs and increasing efficiency of data center management are key to speed to market and the ability to adjust to the changing business landscape.

Risk Management

Using a team approach, we perform security testing and vulnerability assessments and run penetration testing to evaluate clients’ IT infrastructure security in a controlled setting. We develop incident management protocol for swift response and recovery from the massive and complex attacks that have become inevitable.

Design & Architecture Planning

If your ultimate goals are efficiency, speed and ability to scale, it’s important to keep an eye on how the design and architecture planning will get you there. Leveraging industry standard design tools and documentation templates, we help you identify and resolve architectural risks as you go from concept to design to development. Our architecture evaluation and R&D help you shorten time to market for new products.

Cyber Security Resilience

We help you assess the cost of risk and the benefits of various mitigation options, with the goal of non-disruptive compliance in mind. Our processes give clients the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions.

Digital Workplace & Automation

Our goal is to speed your journey toward a firm-wide digital transformation that increases productivity, drives innovation and helps you establish a culture of optimal operational efficiency. Our digital workplace and automation tools and methodologies help you evolve your firm in concert with technological changes.

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