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Perhaps above all others, financial services firms are being put under ever closer scrutiny within an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Xoriant helps clients meet those regulatory requirements efficiently by building a culture of compliance and the systems and processes to support it, including data analysis, flag development, reporting and self-serve compliance analytics. Our innovative approach helps you prepare for the inevitable increase in qualitative and quantitative compliance requirements.

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Reporting Automation

As firms become increasingly global, and regulatory environments increasingly complex, the ability to navigate those global complexities becomes a competitive advantage. Xoriant helps BFSI clients implement the technologies and processes, such as automated reporting, that increase accuracy and reduce the cost of compliance.

CCAR Data Remediation

For CCAR banks struggling to report the right metrics to the right audiences on a timely basis, we have developed a data profiling and issue logging solution that includes executive dashboards, issue management reporting and operational metrics.

Data Cross Referencing

Our unique out-of-the-box data aggregation techniques help clients establish registry style data management architecture by mapping the primary keys of disparate source systems.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

We help clients identify (or develop), implement and maintain systems and processes to detect and report suspicious activity including securities fraud and market manipulation.

Enhanced LEI Data

Our legal entity database contains more than 14 million records from 250 countries and more than 80 data attributes. We keep it up-to-date by tracking relevant corporate actions such as mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies and dissolutions, name changes and reorganizations – resulting in higher quality LEI data.

KYC Operation

Xoriant helps clients with their KYC operations needs in the areas of identification and verification, customer due diligence and risk assessment. Operational activities are supported by our proven platform and experienced domain and technical experts.

Solvency II

We maintain up-to-date data attributes for the issuers and counterparties associated with financial instruments, such as fixed income, equities and derivatives.

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