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In the competitive and highly regulated banking and financial services industry, quality, speed and efficiency drive an organization’s ability to thrive. Application Lifecycle Management is designed to help you make smart decisions about your software and manage it efficiently over time, from conception to decommissioning. ALM gives BFSI organizations direction, speed and agility with features like version control and real-time planning. Xoriant’s ALM team helps you grow revenue and maximize ROI by staying in closer touch with, and more responsive to, your customers’ needs.

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Over two decades we have developed extensive testing capabilities for BFSI, across platforms, for functional, non-functional, mobile, cloud and performance testing. Our methodologies include intensive testing for memory leakage/CPU utilization, multi-location and distributed testing using easy-to-use and intuitive collaboration methods and automated browser compatibility testing. The Xoriant Test Automation Framework (XTAF) is a cost effective solution for automation of testing processes.

Test Strategy & Test Center Creation

A team approach is necessary to plan and coordinate manual testing, exploratory testing, user acceptance testing and stakeholder feedback. Xoriant provides such support to your development and production support teams. We provide multi-location and distributed testing, a QA lab and flexible test approaches.

Release & Change Management

Release and change management tools simplify processes, enable self-service and ease administration burdens. In some cases, customized workflow processes and can provide a single repository, making teams more efficient.

Quality Reviews

Xoriant’s quality management systems can track a single project or be used across the entire lifecycle of an application. Internal project audits at regular intervals ensure process compliance and quality.

Configuration Management

Applied over the lifecycle of an application, configuration management provides visibility and control of complex systems. Achievements can be made in improved overall system performance by defining the configuration parameters in the product before loading 3rd party data into memory.

Environment Management

ALM helps deliver full documentation, baseline specifications, identification and documentation of configurable items and communication between infrastructure, support and development. Xoriant’s building blocks provide common functionalities across applications.

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