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Modern Digital Solutions for Capital Markets

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Are you looking for more than just IT services? Solutions that deepen customer loyalty, drive long-term customer value, and increase profitability? Or, as asset managers, do you need to rethink approaches to client-focused platforms, streamlined operations and new and emerging technologies? As an investment bank competing in the Digital Age, you need to reduce the burden of legacy technology and upgrade to digital shared-service efficiencies. At Xoriant, we have a range of services to help deliver your vision:

  • Frameworks and solutions to address efficiency, regulatory and operational issues across the front, middle, and back-office, for the entire securities value chain.
  • Expertise and partnerships that enable providers to generate new insights for clients—and to monetize data for new revenue streams.
  • Technology and performance scalability to provide efficient index operations and investor services.
  • A standardized approach to risk measurement frameworks, data capturing and modeling, and advanced reporting.

Our Technology Services and Domain Competency

Digital Transformation


Modernized investment banking products and technology with scalable, robust, future-ready solutions that reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

Risk and Compliance

Risk and

Risk and compliance solutions (AML, KYC, Sanctions) to help ensure regulatory compliance, while safeguarding against fraud.

Data-Driven Banking


AI and analytics-centric solutions to increase value for existing investment clients, attract new customers, and streamline operations.

Omni-Channel Solutions


End-to-end (E2E) omni-channel solutions to keep pace with evolving customer expectations, e.g. self-service digital enablement.

Connect With Us to Learn More

Connect With Us to Learn More

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nilesh sapar
Testimonial Author Name

Nilesh Sapar
Delivery Director
Enterprise Financial Services

Testimonial Description

“Xoriant brings not only unparalleled experience in developing next-gen apps and systems, but also in transforming decades old technology into modern IT that can scale, integrate and operate seamlessly across highly complex, distributed financial platforms, with, a standardized approach to risk measurement frameworks, data capturing and modeling, and advanced reporting and expertise & partnerships that enable investment services providers to generate new insights for clients and to monetize data for new revenue streams."

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Case Study

Case Study

Working Capital Application Development on NetSuite Marketplace for a Financial Services Company

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