Xoriant Solutions For High-Technology Industry

High technology industry has been the cornerstone for Xoriant both because of our location in the Silicon Valley, as well as our technology focus over the years. High technology companies are both innovators of technology and users of most innovative IT products to run their business processes. Xoriant has been working with several technology companies in different areas to develop their products, test them, provide technical support to their products, implement their products in user environments and integrate them with other components in the user IT environment.


High-technology solutions


Our experience in building, testing, supporting and implementing hi-tech software products at the creators of these technology, have allowed us to be in the forefront of many technology paradigms. Our high tech software professionals have been able to use this experience and translate it into the IT and business environments of other end users of these technologies in multiple industries. In many situations our professionals working on projects in different verticals have been able to help those customers by learning about the special nuances from our teams working at the respective technology companies. This has helped those technology companies in terms of customer satisfaction as well the user companies for faster time-to-market.

Over the years we have provided software product engineering as well as product consulting services in multiple segments in the high technology industry such as:

Semiconductor and Semiconductor Equipment Companies

  • Development/Execution of test suites for validating the chip functionality under multiple application software packages
  • Application and technology support of middleware and database environments in a manufacturing fab

Systems Companies

  • Development and testing of device drivers for networking, storage and graphics subsystems
  • Implementation of TIBCO B-to-B product suite in the RosettaNet environment

Networking / Datacom Equipment Companies

  • High Tech software product development / testing of SNMP based network management agent software for the networking equipment
  • Design/Development of a comprehensive channel marketing portal with connectivity with internal ERP and CRM systems and various data marts

Storage Equipment Companies

  • Development/Execution of interoperability test suites to test the storage management products with multiple SAN products and multiple systems
  • Development of market oriented solution sets to exhibit ease of use of storage systems with industry standard application packages

Device Companies

  • Design/Development of RTOS (VxWorks, MV Linux) and embedded high speed networking applications for an appliance
  • Porting and testing of Micro Linux Kernel on a proprietary hand held device